Ground Freight

D o m e s t i c  /  T r a n s i t

  • The selection of various steamship lines, consolidation options, container specifications,
    packaging requirements, defining special trucking provisions and customs classifications are additional areas in which our ocean professionals provide valuable assistance.


  • Our steamship carrier relationships ensure loading priority for all of your ocean freight
    shipments. And if congestion or backlog becomes an issue, Elephas is a expert  working with our customers to book capacity and to find the most effective alternate routing possibilities to minimize delays and ensure that goods arrive when needed.


  • In addition, our range of ocean freight products can be seamlessly combined with any of  our domestic trucking, air freight and brokerage products, offering you innovative Door-to-Door solutions anywhere in the world.


From Thailand Ports to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia – our Elephas network spans the entire continental South East Asia, with additional services offered in Singapore and Myanmar by Truck.

E l e p h a s, we believe that every customer is unique. That’s why we offer customized freight options to suit your particular needs. To save high Shipping and handling cost to
Malaysia Vietnam and Singapore, we offer a convenient and cost effective truck.

Call us – we’ll provide a quick, cost-effective shipping solution that’s right for you.

Our license of transit customs, will also provide smooth and fast delivery for transit shipments.

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F u l l   T r u c k   L o a d  ( F T L ) – We offer expedited full-truckload services across lands,
serving door to door. Our exclusive, full-load service gets your regular. And
because we always offer the best rates for you, you save both time and money
each time you ship with Elephas.

L e s s   t h a n   T r u c k   L o a d  ( L T L ) – Elephas’s less-than-truckload service delivers

Larger Savings – without sacrificing speed and efficiency. Our network alliance
provides L T L services to Malaysia Singapore and Vietnam


E L E P H A S  domestic freight service benefits include:
+ Local pick up and delivery
+ Break-bulk distribution
+ Trucking
+ Import and in-bond services
+ Warehousing and distribution
+ Customs bonded warehouses
+ Customs clearance at Borders

We team up with our customers to create new point-to-point delivery solutions to
optimize trailer load factors and each domestic freight service is tied in directly
with our comprehensive portfolio of air, ocean and logistics service capabilities
worldwide to provide you with the most cost- effective and time-critical

For heavy loads, oversized or project freight, Elephas’s domestic forwarding
experts consult with our customers to provide you with the most efficient method
to get your freight to its final destination – we are familiar with all types of live
load, drop and pull, drop and swap, chassis and special flat/low bed truck